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The English user manual for lens adapters Nikon can usually be downloaded from the manufacturer‘s website, but since that’s not always the case you can look through our database of Nikon brand user manuals under Photography - Lens Accessories - Lens Adapters - User manuals.

You will find the current user manual for Nikon lens adapters in the details of individual products.

We also recommend looking through our discussion forum which serves to answer questions and solve problems with nikon products. Under Photography - Lens Accessories - Lens Adapters you can submit a question and get answers from experienced users who will help you get your Nikon up and running .

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Nikon UR-E22 Adapter Ring 25827Overall rating 3.0
Nikon  UR-E22 Adapter Ring 25827 The Nikon UR-E22 Adapter Ring allows the Nikon WC-E75A wide conversion lens to be attached to the Coolpix P7000 digital camera....
Nikon UR-E23 Filter Attachment 25846Overall rating 5.0
Nikon  UR-E23 Filter Attachment 25846 The Nikon UR-E23 Filter Attachment is an adapter that allows you to use 40.5 mm filters (i.e. polarizing filter) with the Coolpix AW100 camera. The adapter is attached to the camera strap using the included cord....
Nikon FT1 Mount Adapter 3613Overall rating 4.5
Nikon  FT1 Mount Adapter 3613 The Nikon FT1 Mount Adapter allows you to use certain Nikkor F-mount lenses (designed for Nikon SLR and DSLR cameras) on all Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras. In order to use this adapter, the camera's firmware must be updated to at lea...
Nikon K3 Female Nikon Bayonet F-Mount 4993Overall rating 4.5
Nikon  K3 Female Nikon Bayonet F-Mount 4993 The Nikon K3 ring is a female bayonet F-mount for replacement on cameras, or for user custom applications. It will accept all Nikon SLR lenses....
Nikon UR-E6 Converter Adapter 25171Overall rating 4.5
Nikon  UR-E6 Converter Adapter 25171 The UR-E6 Converter Adapter easily screws onto the front of a Nikon Coolpix 5000 Digital Camera, allowing you to add Accessory Lenses with a 28mm mount....
Nikon UR-E21 Converter Adapter for Coolpix P6000 Digital 25793Overall rating 5.0
Nikon UR-E21 Converter Adapter for Coolpix P6000 Digital 25793 The Nikon UR-E21 adapter easily locks onto the front of a Coolpix P6000 digital camera, allowing you to add the WC-E76 Wide-Angle Converter Lens....
Nikon UR-E20 Converter Adapter 25750Overall rating 4.5
Nikon  UR-E20 Converter Adapter 25750 The Nikon UR-E20 adapter easily locks onto the front of a Coolpix P5000 Digital Camera, allowing you to add the WC-E67 Wide-Angle Converter Lens or TC-E3ED 3x Tele Converter Lens....
Nikon UR-E9 Converter Adapter for 5400 25616Overall rating 4.5
Nikon  UR-E9 Converter Adapter for 5400 25616 The UR-E9 adapter easily screws onto the front of a Coolpix 5400 Digital Cameras, allowing you to add the TC-E15ED or WC-E80 lenses....
Nikon UR-E7 Converter Adapter 25172Overall rating 4.5
Nikon  UR-E7 Converter Adapter 25172 The UR-E7 adapter easily screws onto the front of a Coolpix 950, 990, 995 & 4500 Digital Cameras, allowing you to add a WC-E68 wide Lens.For use with Coolpix 885 & 4300 you need to have the UR-E4 + UR-E7....
Found: 9 productsShowing: 1-9 products

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