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Operating instructions and pdf manual for use - User manual Light Stands Bowens

Instruction manual - Light Stands Bowens

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The English user manual for light stands Bowens can usually be downloaded from the manufacturer‘s website, but since that’s not always the case you can look through our database of Bowens brand user manuals under Lighting & Studio - Light Stands & Mounting - Light Stands - User manuals.

You will find the current user manual for Bowens light stands in the details of individual products.

We also recommend looking through our discussion forum which serves to answer questions and solve problems with bowens products. Under Lighting & Studio - Light Stands & Mounting - Light Stands you can submit a question and get answers from experienced users who will help you get your Bowens up and running .

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Bowens BW6605 Photographic Lighting Support Handy Stand BW-6605
Bowens BW6605 Photographic Lighting Support Handy Stand BW-6605 The Bowens BW6605 Handy Stand is designed to be lightweight and small enough for ease of portability, and durable enough to withstand the rigors of studio and location work. This small photographic lighting support stand has a max...
Bowens BW6611 Air Cushioned Compact Stand BW-6611
Bowens BW6611 Air Cushioned Compact Stand BW-6611 The Bowens BW6611 Air Cushioned Compact Stand is a portable and lightweight photographic lighting support that provides added protection to any equipment mounted to it (in the event of rapid descent of any section). It reaches a m...
Bowens BW-6620 7.1' Heavy Duty Boom Stand with Wheels BW-6620
Bowens BW-6620 7.1' Heavy Duty Boom Stand with Wheels BW-6620 The Bowens BW-6620 7.1' Heavy Duty Boom Stand with Wheels is a sturdy support with large ergonomic locking knobs and removable wheels. The stand has a 1 1/8" Junior receiver for booms with a 1 1/8" mounting pin. Note: this stand i...
Bowens BW6618 Air Cushioned Heavy Duty Stand BW-6618Overall rating 5.0
Bowens BW6618 Air Cushioned Heavy Duty Stand BW-6618 The Bowens BW6618 Air Cushioned Heavy Duty Stand is a durable photographic lighting support that easily withstands the demands of a busy studio. It has a maximum height of 155.5" (395 cm) and closes down to 43" (109 cm) ...
Bowens Double-Riser C-Stand (8.74') BW-7040
Bowens  Double-Riser C-Stand (8.74') BW-7040 This Bowens Double-Riser C-Stand (8.74') is a three-section stand that has a maximum extension of 8.85' (270 cm), a minimum height of 4.2' (128 cm) and weighs 12.55 lb (5.7 kg)....
Bowens Portable Light Stand (11.6') BW-6615Overall rating 5.0
Bowens  Portable Light Stand (11.6') BW-6615 The 11.5'Bowens Portable Light Stand is an extended length aluminum light stand with locking metal clasps. It rises to a maximum height of 11.5' (3.5 m) and closes to 39.4" (100cm)....
Bowens Backlite Stand - 34" (86cm) BW-6600Overall rating 5.0
Bowens  Backlite Stand - 34 The Bowens BW6600 Backlite Stand is the smallest stand in the Bowens range and is ideal for anyone wanting to position a lighting fixture near to the floor. The Backlite stand has a minimum height of just 4.25" (11cm) and comes w...
Bowens 10' Compact Light Stand (Black) BW-6610Overall rating 4.5
Bowens  10' Compact Light Stand (Black) BW-6610 Bowens Compact Light Stands represent exceptional value for money. Constructed from black anodized aluminum for a sturdy, attractive and non-reflective appearance, Bowens stands feature high-quality aluminum locking clasps, rather...
Found: 8 productsShowing: 1-8 products

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