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Reflectors Lumedyne User manual

Operating instructions and pdf manual for use - User manual Reflectors Lumedyne

Instruction manual - Reflectors Lumedyne

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The English user manual for reflectors Lumedyne can usually be downloaded from the manufacturer‘s website, but since that’s not always the case you can look through our database of Lumedyne brand user manuals under Lighting & Studio - Light Modifiers - Reflectors - User manuals.

You will find the current user manual for Lumedyne reflectors in the details of individual products.

We also recommend looking through our discussion forum which serves to answer questions and solve problems with lumedyne products. Under Lighting & Studio - Light Modifiers - Reflectors you can submit a question and get answers from experienced users who will help you get your Lumedyne up and running .

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Lumedyne 5" Black Reflector with Grid and Diffuser AR5K
Lumedyne 5 This Lumedyne 5" Black Reflector with Grid and Diffuser is a versatile light shaping tool that fits all Lumedyne flash heads as well as many other brands. The reflector has 2 positions on the head; Normal gives you a beam ang...
Lumedyne Beauty Dish with Grid (12") AR12
Lumedyne  Beauty Dish with Grid (12 Used without its grid this 12" diameter Beauty Dish with Grid from Lumedyne renders a broad, soft but crisp light quality thanks to its inner deflector, that's ideal for portraits or weddings. The included sock-type white dif...
Lumedyne 16" Beauty Dish Reflector for QuadSpeed Head ARQB
Lumedyne 16 This Lumedyne 16" Beauty Dish Reflector for QuadSpeed Head gives you a beauty dish with a full-sized grid, a diffuser cloth cover and a 2-position flashtube deflector in the center to provide you with diffusion options. It can giv...
Lumedyne Wide Reflector for Lumedyne ARWD
Lumedyne  Wide Reflector for Lumedyne ARWD Fits all flash heads for wide angle applications. Reflector is slightly shallower than the standard LU091 reflector, allowing the flash tube to disperse its output in a wider pattern....
Lumedyne 7" Reflector for Quadspeed Head ARQW
Lumedyne 7 This Lumedyne 7" Reflector for QuadSpeed Head gives you wide-angle coverage, with a beam of 120° as opposed to the typical coverage of a typical Lumedyne head of 60 to 80°. It has the 3-peg Bowens, Travelite or LinkSt...
Lumedyne 12" Portrait Reflector for QuadSpeed Head ARQP
Lumedyne 12 This Lumedyne 12" Portrait Reflector for QuadSpeed Head gives you the tightest focus for the QuadSpeed head, with a beam of 90°. It has the 3-peg Bowens, Travelite or LinkStar style mount that fits the QuadSpeed head or a sing...
Lumedyne Reflector for All Heads ARST
Lumedyne  Reflector for All Heads ARST The standard reflector included with every head. Two operating positions, NORM and WIDE, allows you control over angle of dispersion. Reflector can be fitted with LU082 and LU082D diffusers....
Found: 7 productsShowing: 1-7 products

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