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The English user manual for tripods & piers Meade can usually be downloaded from the manufacturer‘s website, but since that’s not always the case you can look through our database of Meade brand user manuals under Optics - Telescopes - Tripods & Piers - User manuals.

You will find the current user manual for Meade tripods & piers in the details of individual products.

We also recommend looking through our discussion forum which serves to answer questions and solve problems with meade products. Under Optics - Telescopes - Tripods & Piers you can submit a question and get answers from experienced users who will help you get your Meade up and running .

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Meade Acrobat 80 - Advanced Photo Tripod 608051
Meade  Acrobat 80 - Advanced Photo Tripod 608051 Meade's Acrobat 80 - Advanced Photo Tripod provides a solid platform for your camera or binocular so you can enjoy sporting events, bird watching, or other activities without fatiguing your arms or dealing with hand-shake. It feat...
Meade Classic 30 Photo Tripod with Pan/Tilt Head 608050
Meade Classic 30 Photo Tripod with Pan/Tilt Head 608050 The Meade's Classic 30 Photo Tripod with Pan/Tilt Head is a lightweight support with a load capacity of 6.6 lb. It extends from 24" to 61", and folds down to 25.6" for transport. Its 3-way pan/tilt head incorporates a long single ...
Meade Super Giant Field Tripod for 16" LX200 07018
Meade Super Giant Field Tripod for 16 The Super Giant Field Tripod has the support needed for a scope of such aperture and specification, yet is remarkably transportable for such an instrument. The tripod and 16" telescope together can be set up in the field by two ad...
Meade Standard Field Tripod 07020
Meade  Standard Field Tripod 07020 The Meade Standard Field Tripod has 2" maximum diameter leg segments and is adjustable from 30-44" (76-112cm).  It is supplied with all current LX90 telescopes, and all 10" and smaller LX200 scopes.  It is offe...
Meade Giant Field Tripod 07017
Meade  Giant Field Tripod 07017 Meade's Giant Field Tripod is a beefy, all-steel support for Meade's 12" and 14" LX200 mounts.  Its height is adjustable from 40-50", and it dampens vibrations with great speed thanks to its large 3" segments and center ...
Meade Permanent Pier for 16" LX200 07005
Meade  Permanent  Pier for 16 This is a great system for mounting the 16" LX200 telescope in an observatory application. Takes up a suprisingly small amount of space, and every eyepiece position will be comfortable with this mount....
Meade Vibration Isolation Pads 07368
Meade  Vibration Isolation Pads 07368 Telescope and spotting scope vibrations are caused by windy conditions, unsteady mounts/tripod or accidental bumps to the instrument, and result in reduced image quality whether observing or photographing.  Meade's #895 ...
Meade Permanent Equatorial Pier 07006
Meade  Permanent Equatorial Pier 07006 This is a great system for mounting the 16" LX200 telescope in an observatory application which employs astrophotography. There is no field rotation in either the main scope or its auxillary, piggybacked instruments....
Found: 8 productsShowing: 1-8 products

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