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Instruction manual - u-he

Can’t find the user manual for your new u-he? If you have lost or thrown out the CD with the u-he manual and you need advice with settings, error messages or are just interested in the capabilities and different functions of your u-he, then you can download a user manual from the u-he website.

If the manufacturer’s website does not give instructions on where to download a u-he user manual, then you will find plenty of u-he fans in our database. Take a look at our discussion forum for your particular product, a more experienced u-he user will surely be able to help you with the settings.

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- Virtual Instruments - Virtual Processor Plug-Ins

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u-he Bazille Large Modular Software Synth (Download) 10-12080
u-he Bazille Large Modular Software Synth (Download) 10-12080 Offered as an electronic download, the Bazille from U-HE is a large modular software synth sporting a multitude of connectivity options. Oscillators, LFOs, envelopes, filters, inverters, rectifiers—you can daisy-chain them a...
u-he Zebra 2 Wireless Modular Software Synthesizer 10-12077
u-he Zebra 2 Wireless Modular Software Synthesizer 10-12077 The Zebra 2 from U-He is a software synth offering the sound and style of modular synthesizers without any of the visual clutter usually associated with such units. Available for download, it's compatible with most Windows and OS ...
u-he Hive - Virtual Synthesizer (Download) 10-12083
u-he Hive - Virtual Synthesizer (Download) 10-12083 Hive from u-He was designed to be a fast and simple to operate virtual synthesizer, without sacrificing sound quality or creative control. The streamlined single screen user interface facilitates immediate sound creation, while a ...
u-he ACE: Any Cable Everywhere Semi-Modular Software 10-12079
u-he ACE: Any Cable Everywhere Semi-Modular Software 10-12079 Offered as an electronic download, the ACE: Any Cable Everywhere from U-HE is a semi-modular software synth with a true plethora of connectivity options. LFOs, VCOs, VCFs, and complete ADSR envelope sections—you can daisy-ch...
u-he Uhbik FX Plug-In Bundle (Download) 10-12084
u-he  Uhbik FX Plug-In Bundle (Download) 10-12084 The Uhbik FX Plug-In Bundle from u-he comprises nine individual software effects modules, each one suitable for use in surround sound applications. These plug-ins are available in 32- and 64-bit platforms, offer compatibility with...
u-he Satin - Magnetic Tape Emulation Plug-In (Download) 10-12081
u-he Satin - Magnetic Tape Emulation Plug-In (Download) 10-12081 Satin from u-He is a plug-in that journeys back to the golden age of magnetic tape recording. Aside for the usual effects that tape lends to a source (hiss, wow and flutter, saturation), the old noise-reduction systems that were o...
u-he Presswerk Dynamics Processor (Software Download) 10-12082
u-he Presswerk Dynamics Processor (Software Download) 10-12082 Designed to handle extensive compression and limiting situations, U-He's Presswork is a dynamics processor featuring a variety of different modes, GUIs, saturation possibilities, and presets. The plug-in offers comprehensive contr...
u-he Diva Software Synthesizer (Plug-In Download) 10-12078
u-he Diva Software Synthesizer (Plug-In Download) 10-12078 U-He's Diva is a software synthesizer available for download that offers four different oscillator designs, each of which models storied analog modules of yesteryear; from Mini-Moog to Jupiter to Juno, this soft-synth aims to recr...
Found: 8 productsShowing: 1-8 products

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2017-02-22 18:44:18

i need user manual tank you...
Shutter Fixed - IK Multimedia iKlip Grip Smartphone Stand IP-IKLIP-GRIP-IN
Posted by: ertu
2017-02-22 15:59:28

i had the same problem, just solved. The problem occurs because the battery don't seat well enough, just put a piece of paper to the bottom of the battery cover so it will apply some pressure to the battery. It worked and never disconnected again...

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