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Instruction manual - Bowens

Can’t find the user manual for your new Bowens? If you have lost or thrown out the CD with the Bowens manual and you need advice with settings, error messages or are just interested in the capabilities and different functions of your Bowens, then you can download a user manual from the Bowens website.

If the manufacturer’s website does not give instructions on where to download a Bowens user manual, then you will find plenty of Bowens fans in our database. Take a look at our discussion forum for your particular product, a more experienced Bowens user will surely be able to help you with the settings.

We’re trying to help you find exactly what you’re looking for to keep you coming back.

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Bowens BW-1057 Filter Kit BW-1057Overall rating 5.0
Bowens  BW-1057 Filter Kit BW-1057 The Bowens BW-1057 Filter Kit is a set of 6 colored gels for use with the BW1882 reflector set. Use them with the 4 leaf barndoor set to create different lighting effects....
Bowens Fresnel 200 Spot Attachment BW-2914
Bowens  Fresnel 200 Spot Attachment BW-2914 The Bowens Fresnel 200 Lens Attachment is a great way to expand the capabilities of any Bowens flash head with an Type-S bayonet mount. The Fresnel 200 produces a focused beam of light with sharp shadows and even coverage. It's id...
Bowens Reflector with Grid Set BW-1865Overall rating 4.0
Bowens  Reflector with Grid Set BW-1865 This etched silver grid reflector emits a 60° light beam when attached to the front of a Bowens monolight. It includes a set of 3 honerycomb grids, for providing a more narrow spread of the the light....
Bowens Honeycomb Grid Set (3) for Bowens BW-1864Overall rating 3.5
Bowens  Honeycomb Grid Set (3) for Bowens BW-1864 This is a 3 piece, black honeycomb grid set for use on a Bowens Monolight reflector. The different thicknesses provide different beam spreads when mounted on the grid reflector. The grids provide a 15, 30, and 40° beam spread...
Bowens Black Multiclip BW-1826/AOverall rating 5.0
Bowens  Black Multiclip BW-1826/A Use this simple double swivel clip for attaching gels and flags. It is perfect for holding these items in front of lights and lenses....
Bowens 15" Softlite Reflector BW-1899Overall rating 4.0
Bowens  15 This Bowens 15" Softlite Reflector is compatible with all Bowens monolights. The ability to shape and control the light from a flash source is essential. This is one of 14 different reflectors available for Bowens Monolight....
Bowens 1/4" Honeycomb Grid for Bowens Maxilite BW-1892Overall rating 5.0
Bowens 1/4 This is a honeycomb grid attachment for the Bowens Maxilite reflector. The opening of each little section is 1/4"....
Bowens Maxilite 8.0" Reflector, 65 Degrees BW-1887Overall rating 5.0
Bowens Maxilite 8.0 This is a Bowens Maxilite 8.0" Reflector, 65 Degrees. The ability to shape and control the light from a flash source is essential. This is one of 14 different reflectors available for Bowens monolights. The Maxilite's stippled sur...
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Found: 288 productsShowing: 281-288 products

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