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Instruction manual - Foba

Can’t find the user manual for your new Foba? If you have lost or thrown out the CD with the Foba manual and you need advice with settings, error messages or are just interested in the capabilities and different functions of your Foba, then you can download a user manual from the Foba website.

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Foba Arca-Type Quick Release Plate for Hasselblad - F-BALTE
Foba Arca-Type Quick Release Plate for Hasselblad - F-BALTE This Foba Quick Release Plate is compatible with any "Arca-Swiss" type quick release system (e.g. Arca-Swiss, Acratech, Graff, Wimberley, etc.)....
Foba Superball with Standard Head F-BALLO
Foba  Superball with Standard Head F-BALLO Foba Superball, made with precision, is one of the strongest fixation devices on the market today. Large locking levers make the heads very easy to handle. They lock down firmly with just a twist....
Foba Panoramic Adapter F-BALTO
Foba  Panoramic Adapter F-BALTO For use on either Mini Superball. Allows rotation of the camera (top) plate at any angle, in addition to the base rotation....
Foba CEBLO 3/8 Interchangeable Adapter - 3/8" F-CEBLO-3/8
Foba CEBLO 3/8 Interchangeable Adapter - 3/8 The Foba CEBLO 3/8 Interchangeable Adapter is part of the Combitube System. It has a 3/8" (diam. 18mm) thread for spotlight mounting. It fits inside CEHUA, CEHUO, CEONA or CEONO adapter sleeves. It is bored for tightening with a ...
Foba Mini Superball F-BALLI
Foba  Mini Superball F-BALLI With standard head and 3/8" size camera mounting screw. Compact, without panning capabilities. Maximum load capacity 12 lbs. (5.4kg) with a base diameter of 2.5" (6.4cm). Height is 3.9" (9.9cm) and weight 20 oz. (550g)....
Foba Hasselblad 3/8" Quick Release Plate F-BALPE
Foba Hasselblad 3/8 With 3/8" size camera mounting screw....
Foba Laptop Tray for Foba Camera Stands F-ARTEU
Foba  Laptop Tray for Foba Camera Stands F-ARTEU A rotating platform for holding your laptop computer on a Foba camera stand, the Foba "ARTEU" Laptop Tray is made from metal and includes 'hook and loop' tape to add a measure of security....
Foba DSS-Alpha Stand F-AROBE
Foba  DSS-Alpha Stand F-AROBE Foba has improved upon its top-of-the-line ASTIO stand with the DSS-Alpha. Bigger, more versatile, and even easier to handle, its stability and control make the DSS (Digital Support System)-Alpha ideal for virtually any digital or...
Foba DIMIL Shooting Table F-DIMIL
Foba  DIMIL Shooting Table F-DIMIL This Foba DIMIL Shooting Table is a premium quality shooting table with a sand-blasted color corrected acrylic shooting surface that allows for reflection-free photography. No visible crossbars prevent you from shooting into the c...
Foba Low Position Arm for Asaba Stand F-ASMAE
Foba  Low Position Arm for Asaba Stand F-ASMAE For the Foba ASABA camera stand. It drops your camera below the crossarm to achieve very low perspectives, inches from the studio floor....
Foba 19" Accessory Tray for Asaba Stand F-ASOBE
Foba 19 A 19" diameter lipped accessory tray for the Foba ASABA Camera Stand. Holds meters, film holders, etc., at arm's length....
Foba 7lb Counterweight for ASABA Stand F-ASOBO
Foba  7lb Counterweight for ASABA Stand F-ASOBO Fits inside the column of the Foba ASABA Camera Stand. Makes height adjustment of larger cameras easier....
Foba Panorama Base F-BALTA
Foba  Panorama Base F-BALTA Provides 360 degree calibrated panning at base of Mini Superball....
Foba Quick Release Head for Mini Superball F-BALSI
Foba Quick Release Head for Mini Superball F-BALSI A quick release adapter that allows changing of cameras quickly and easily. With this adapter, the Mini Superball (33-0400) can be converted to a Mini Superball with Quick Release (33-0404). Requires camera mounting plate, sold se...
Foba CEKLU Swiveling Clamp for COMBITUBE System F-CEKLU
Foba CEKLU Swiveling Clamp for COMBITUBE System F-CEKLU The FOBA COMBITUBE System is based on the utilization of various lengths of black non-reflective aluminum 1" (25mm) tube which is nearly, infinitely configurable. This FOBA CEKLU Swiveling Clamp weighs 13 oz (370g) and is capable ...
Foba Base Plate F-BALGOOverall rating 5.0
Foba  Base Plate F-BALGO The Foba Base Plate is a metal hexagon equipped with a 3/8"-16 threaded protruding screw.  While officially designated as for use with the Foba Superball series of ballheads, it certainly makes for an effective base with...
Foba BALPU Universal Quick Release Plate F-BALPU
Foba  BALPU Universal Quick Release Plate F-BALPU The Foba BALPU Universal Quick Release Plate has the larger size 3/8"-16 screw and fits the Foba quick release system, as well as most of the other Arca-Swiss type systems....
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Found: 397 productsShowing: 381-397 products

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