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Instruction manual - RigWheels

Can’t find the user manual for your new RigWheels? If you have lost or thrown out the CD with the RigWheels manual and you need advice with settings, error messages or are just interested in the capabilities and different functions of your RigWheels, then you can download a user manual from the RigWheels website.

If the manufacturer’s website does not give instructions on where to download a RigWheels user manual, then you will find plenty of RigWheels fans in our database. Take a look at our discussion forum for your particular product, a more experienced RigWheels user will surely be able to help you with the settings.

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RigWheels RD02 RailDolly-2x RD02
RigWheels  RD02 RailDolly-2x RD02 The RigWheels RD02 RailDolly-2x adds a bottom wheel carriage that allows to lock your camera onto rails. The RailDolly configuration is suitable for professionals who use large video / film cameras. The RailDolly has a larger foot...
RigWheels Small Ball Mount BH01Overall rating 5.0
RigWheels  Small Ball Mount BH01 The 2.5" tall, multipurpose Small Ball Mount from RigWheels features standard 1/4-20" threads on the top and at the bottom. This small ball mount is used for mounting cameras, accessories, and other film video and photog...
RigWheels RMH1 RigMount with Ball Head RMH1Overall rating 4.5
RigWheels  RMH1 RigMount with Ball Head RMH1 The RigWheels RMH1 RigMount with Ball Head Mount is suitable for use with small action cameras such as GoPro. This RigMount includes a ball-head mount for quickly and easily positioning your camera. The RigMount uses rare earth ma...
RigWheels RMS1 RigMount RMS1
RigWheels  RMS1 RigMount RMS1 The RigWheels RMS1 RigMount is a magnetic camera car mount that uses rare earth magnets to achieve its high holding power (Up to 35 lb in a vertical pull). This mount has a shorter mounting bolt on the top, which is sized specific...
RigWheels SW04 4 Skate Wheel (50mm, 4-Pack) SW04Overall rating 5.0
RigWheels  SW04 4 Skate Wheel (50mm, 4-Pack) SW04 The 4-pack, 50mm SW04 Skate Wheel from RigWheels is a suitable custom formulation for film and video applications. The wheel is neither too hard nor too soft. The pack includes ABEC 7 bearings and hard-to-find spacers that go insi...
RigWheels LW04 Longboard Wheels (4-Pack) LW04
RigWheels  LW04 Longboard Wheels (4-Pack) LW04 The 4-pack LW04 Longboard Wheels from RigWheels are a suitable custom formulation for film and video applications. These wheels are neither too hard nor too soft. They include ABEC 7 bearings and hard-to-find spacers that go ...
RigWheels IW04 68mm Inline Skate Wheel (4-Pack) IW04Overall rating 4.0
RigWheels IW04 68mm Inline Skate Wheel (4-Pack) IW04 The 4-pack IW04 68mm Inline Skate Wheel from RigWheels are a suitable custom formulation for film and video applications. These wheels are neither too hard nor too soft. They include ABEC 7 bearings and hard-to-find spacers that g...
RigWheels B-Cups (4-Pack) BC04
RigWheels  B-Cups (4-Pack) BC04 The 4-pack of RigWheels B-Cups includes four industrial grade car suction mounts with 5/16" studs that screw directly into the outer most holes of the optional RigPlate. Of the three different versions of suction cups that RigWhee...
RigWheels RA01 1-RigAxel RA01
RigWheels  RA01 1-RigAxel RA01 The RigWheels RA01 1-RigAxel is designed to be used in conjunction with the RigPlate (sold separately). It allows for several different additional configurations that provide with even more options for getting smooth camera moveme...
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Found: 49 productsShowing: 41-49 products

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