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User manual Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X

Operating instructions and pdf manual for use - Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X User manual, User manual Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X, Pelco, CM680032X6X, Matrix, Switcher/Controller,

User manual for Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X

Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X
  • Manufacturer: Pelco
  • Basic description and contents of package
  • Product classification: Surveillance - Surveillance Video - Matrix Solutions - Matrix Switches
  • Safety instructions
  • Startup and operation of the matrix switches
  • Tips for setting up your Pelco
  • Settings and expert assistance
  • Contact Pelco service
  • Troubleshooting
  • Warranty information
We recommend checking out our discussion threads on the Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X, which address similar problems with connecting and setting up Matrix Switches Pelco.

User manual for the Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X

The user manual for the Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X provides necessary instructions for the proper use of the product Surveillance - Surveillance Video - Matrix Solutions - Matrix Switches.

The Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) is a single box solution for medium-sized matrix switch applications. This matrix switcher/controller provides switching and control for up to 32 video inputs and 6 monitor outputs from any one of up to 10 keyboards, PCs, and other devices. Furthermore, the CM6800 provides switching and control from any one of up to 10 keyboards. The system can also be used to control other devices, such as Genex multiplexers.

The user-enabled character display shows time and date, operation mode, camera number, and a 20-character title for quick, easy identification of the on-screen video. The CM6800 supports powerful system macros (32) and configurable sequences (16), which allow activation of commonly occurring events based on time/calendar or alarms. Macros provide quick call-up of multiple cameras to multiple monitors.

Macros can also activate preset positions and auxiliaries on suitably equipped (PTZ or dome) receivers, and activate external relays to turn on lights, lock doors, or control other auxiliary functions (additional equipment may be required).

Built-in video loss detection alerts operators or technicians of camera failure. Logical camera numbering provides the ability to assign any camera number to the physical input. An integral color bar generator allows the user to adjust monitor settings.

With the CM6800, the system manager can select from a wide variety of alarm handling and display options. An alarm can trigger a macro, preset, or pattern, and alarmed cameras can be displayed on one or several monitors. There are also choices for the order in which alarms are displayed, alarm priorities, automatic or manual acknowledgement, and activation of auxiliaries.

Multiple ports are provided for PTZ control and keyboards. A single data line, using Pelco M protocol, can accommodate various types of equipment, such as keyboards and external alarm interface units. RS-232 ports allow for communication with a PC. Peripheral components allow for expansion of alarms, relay contacts, and keyboards.

The CM6800 offers easy-to-use, password-protected, on-screen configuration menus, and supports 8 different languages. The CM6800 is designed to be remotely operated from desktop keyboards or external computer systems. Configuring the system is easy using on-screen menus and a system keyboard or the Windows based system management software. The manager software allows for remote configuration and external storage of all user setups. Configuration menus and on-screen texts are provided in eight languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Multiple ports are provided for PTZ control, keyboards, and peripheral components.
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Additional parameters of the Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X:
Memory Protection Lithium battery provides 5 years of data protection
Keyboard Total Capacity: 10: 8 KBD100/200A/300A Series keyboards and 2 KBD960 Series keyboards
Keyboard Power: CM6800-32X6 can provide power for 1 KBD100/200A/300A Series keyboard
Control Receiver/dome control: Coaxitron and RS-422
Alarm Inputs 8 individually configurable for N.O. or N.C. on rear panel (plus an additional 128, through ALM2064, alarm interface units, providing a total of 136 possible)
Control Output Relay (SPDT): 1, rated at 0.5 A at 125 VAC, 1 A at 30 VDC, 60 milliohms contact resistance
Open Collector (TTL): 1, 15 VDC maximum, 25 mA maximum
Outputs Additional 2 REL2064, relay interface units, may be connected to expand relay outputs to a maximum of 128
Ports 6 total: 5 data ports, 1 PTZ control port, flexible configuration options, 1 data port powered for keyboards
Macros 32
Sequences 16 configurable
Operating Temperature 20 to 120°F (-7 to 49°C)
Operating Humidity 10 to 90%, non-condensing
Power Source 120 VAC or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, auto ranging
Power Consumption 25 W
Switcher Characteristics
Video Inputs 32, BNC, terminating or looping (individually selectable per camera) 0.5 to 2 Vpp composite video, video loss detection
Video Outputs 6 outputs, BNC
Switching Type Cross-point video matrix
Switching Method Vertical interval switching
Switching Time Less than 16 milliseconds (typical)
Bandwidth 15 MHz
Frequency Response Flat to 8 MHz, ±1 dB to 13 MHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio -44.26 dB (peak-to-peak vs RMS noise)
Adjacent Channel Crosstalk -56.47 dB at 3.58 MHz
Differential Gain 0.11%
Differential Phase 0.06°
Tilt Line tilt: 0.20%
Field tilt: 0.56%
Gain Unity (±1 dB)
DC Output 0 volts
Cable Distances RG59/U: 750' (228 m)
RG6/U: 1,000' (304 m)
RJ11/U: 1,500' (457 m)
Cable Requirements 75 ohms impedance
All-copper center conductor
All-copper braided shield with 95% braid coverage
Character Generation
Type White with black outline, adjustable brightness
Camera Identification 2 lines, 20-character title, plus camera number, monitor number, date (4 formats) and time (24-hour or AM/PM formats); each item user-selectable
Configuration On-screen, menu driven
Display Characters 128 ASCII characters
Mounting Factory configured for EIA rack mount (3 RU), rack ears can be removed for versatile wall mount or freestanding applications
Dimensions (DxWxH) 12.25 x 17.4 x 5.25" (31.12 x 44.2 x 13.34 cm)
Weight 11.6 lb (5.22 kg)
The user manual for the Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X can be downloaded in .pdf format if it did not come with your new matrix switches, although the seller is required to supply one. It is also quite common that customers throw out the user manual with the box, or put the CD away somewhere and then can’t find it. That’s why we and other Pelco users keep a unique electronic library for Pelco matrix switchess, where you can use our link to download the user manual for the Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X.

The user manual lists all of the functions of the Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X, all the basic and advanced features and tells you how to use the matrix switches. The manual also provides troubleshooting for common problems. Even greater detail is provided by the service manual, which is not typically shipped with the product, but which can often be downloaded from Pelco service.

If you want to help expand our database, you can upload a link to this website to download a user manual or service manual, ideally in .pdf format. These pages are created by you – users of the Pelco CM680032X6X Matrix Switcher/Controller (PAL) CM680032X6X. User manuals are also available on the Pelco website under Surveillance - Surveillance Video - Matrix Solutions - Matrix Switches.

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