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User manual PLOYTEC PL2 Synthesizer PL2

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User manual for PLOYTEC PL2 Synthesizer PL2

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PLOYTEC  PL2 Synthesizer PL2
  • Manufacturer: PLOYTEC
  • Basic description and contents of package
  • Product classification: Pro Audio - Musical Instruments - Synthesizer Modules
  • Safety instructions
  • Startup and operation of the synthesizer modules
  • Tips for setting up your PLOYTEC
  • Settings and expert assistance
  • Contact PLOYTEC service
  • Troubleshooting
  • Warranty information
  • Price: 77 USD
We recommend checking out our discussion threads on the PLOYTEC PL2 Synthesizer PL2, which address similar problems with connecting and setting up Synthesizer Modules PLOYTEC.

User manual for the PLOYTEC PL2 Synthesizer PL2

The user manual for the PLOYTEC PL2 Synthesizer PL2 provides necessary instructions for the proper use of the product Pro Audio - Musical Instruments - Synthesizer Modules.

The Ploytec PL2 is a compact duophonic mono analog synthesizer that is powered and controlled via 5-pin MIDI. Alternatively the device can be powered by 5 VDC 100 mA using the included USB Micro-B port. The device can generate a wide variety of sounds using two square wave oscillators that can be connected together to create saw, sine, and pulse waveforms.

The synthesizer can be controlled and sequenced using your favorite DAW or hardware sequencer. You can program and store up to 32 sounds in the device's built-in memory. The device utilizes subtractive synthesis whereby the generated waveforms are routed through low-, high-, and band-pass digital filters to edit the frequency spectrum and amplify resonance.

The unit includes LFO modulation, PWM, ADSR envelope, and various play modes such as mono on, dual on, dual/detune, dual/octave, note priority, aftertouch, breath control, sustain hold, key-off attack, portamento, portamento time, all sound off, and all notes off. You can sync the LFO and envelope speed to an external MIDI clock. Future synthesizer extensions and new features can be updated via firmware and MIDI system (SysEx) transmission.

Physically, the device features one MIDI in jack, one RCA audio jack, and one Micro-B USB (for power only).
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User manual for PLOYTEC  PL2 Synthesizer PL2Download user manual for PLOYTEC PL2 Synthesizer PL2
(PDF file, 0.49 MB)
Additional parameters of the PLOYTEC PL2 Synthesizer PL2:
Connectors 1 x MIDI in
1 x Micro-B USB Jack
1 x RCA out
Current Consumption 10 mA max
Output Level 580 mV RMS (nominal)
Filter Digital State Variable Filter - Sample Rate: 125 kHz (Waveforms), 50 kHz (Bassdrum Mode)
Dimensions 1.83 x 1.08 x 2.04" (46.5 x 27.5 x 52.0 mm)
Weight 1.3 oz (36 g)
Packaging Info
Package Weight 0.05 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 2.1 x 1.9 x 0.9"
The user manual for the PLOYTEC PL2 Synthesizer PL2 can be downloaded in .pdf format if it did not come with your new synthesizer modules, although the seller is required to supply one. It is also quite common that customers throw out the user manual with the box, or put the CD away somewhere and then can’t find it. That’s why we and other PLOYTEC users keep a unique electronic library for PLOYTEC synthesizer moduless, where you can use our link to download the user manual for the PLOYTEC PL2 Synthesizer PL2.

The user manual lists all of the functions of the PLOYTEC PL2 Synthesizer PL2, all the basic and advanced features and tells you how to use the synthesizer modules. The manual also provides troubleshooting for common problems. Even greater detail is provided by the service manual, which is not typically shipped with the product, but which can often be downloaded from PLOYTEC service.

If you want to help expand our database, you can upload a link to this website to download a user manual or service manual, ideally in .pdf format. These pages are created by you – users of the PLOYTEC PL2 Synthesizer PL2. User manuals are also available on the PLOYTEC website under Pro Audio - Musical Instruments - Synthesizer Modules.

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